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Fiction: Four Wives of Persia

Title: Four Wives of Persia
Rating: R, for implied sexual acts and other adult themes
Summary: Tus returns from Alamut and encounters each of his wives.
Author's Note: To explain the title, if you think of the King as synonymous with the state, even though Tus isn't the king, he is the heir apparent, and in someways this story is an exploration of the political side of his marriages. This was a tough one to name though, oy. I'm currently in a Sociology class called Sex and Gender so I just went to see Prince of Persia in the midst of our discussion on the institution of marriage. I was kind of fascinated by the throwaway reference to Tus's wives so I created a their take on their husband after his return from Alamut. Just to clarify since there are a lot of names: Iryana is the first wife, Soraya is the second and oldest wife, Alcee is the third and youngest wife, and Padmavati is the fourth wife. I've never written anything dealing with polygamy before and I even touched on one of the wives' sexuality so, yikes, I hope I did alright. Warning for those averse to polygamy: this story explores the relationships between Tus and his four wives. Spoilers for the film. Unbetaed.
Disclaimer: Standard.

( Her husband returns changed by his time in Alamut. )

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